Historical Happenings


Events that happened in the past are just that, in the past. Human history goes all the way back to 3000 bc. There’s a lot of content. What about the unsung heroes? The celebrations and hardships that aren’t taught in school? The little details about major events that no one learns about? The people who lived, loved, and eventually died with almost no one knowing the impact they had. Are they not worth learning about? Sit down, grab your coffee, and read a quick article telling you the story of someone who once lived on the same planet you now inhabit.

Opinion: Critical Race Theory should be taught

The latest outrage to plague the minds of Fox News viewers across the country, Critical Race Theory has been discussed and debated everywhere from school board meetings to over dinner with family.  The question is, what actually is Critical Race Theory?  Britannica says that CRT was first discussed in 1989, but the origins go back…

Eugene Bullard: The first Black fighter pilot

Flying each mission with his pet Capuchin monkey, Eugene J. Bullard never had an easy life, but would become the first Black fighter pilot.  Born October 9, 1895 in Columbus, Georgia, Bullard was the youngest of 10, three of which died in childbirth. Bullard was the child of William Bullard, a former slave, and Jospehine…

Camryn Cutinello



Camryn is a senior journalism student at Columbia College Chicago. She is the co-editor-in-chief of the Columbia Chronicle.

She is an avid writer, contributing articles to the chronicle. Camryn has always had a passion for history, and teaching others about the events that have led to the modern era.

Camryn was born in the suburbs outside of Chicago. She enjoys yoga, hiking, and taking photos in nature.


Camryn loves to connect with people and loves to collaborate with others.