Eugene Bullard: The first Black fighter pilot

Flying each mission with his pet Capuchin monkey, Eugene J. Bullard never had an easy life, but would become the first Black fighter pilot.  Born October 9, 1895 in Columbus, Georgia, Bullard was the youngest of 10, three of which died in childbirth. Bullard was the child of William Bullard, a former slave, and JospehineContinue reading “Eugene Bullard: The first Black fighter pilot”

The Night Witches That Terrified The Nazis

German soldiers stand watch, fighting the cold temperatures of the Russian winter. They can hear the planes before they can see them, the sound of the propellers indicating an attack. Taking the bait laid out in front of them, the soldiers shine the spotlights up to the sky, unwittingly giving the Russian pilots a betterContinue reading “The Night Witches That Terrified The Nazis”